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: Education - 10 (Ten) Crack Software Collection

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Education - 10 (Ten) Crack Software Collection
Education - 10 (Ten) Crack Software Collection

Education - 10 (Ten) Crack Software Collection -


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I've found my software as cracked download on Internet, what to do?

Ok, I've been selling software online for almost 10 years. I have had several products marketed to both individuals and businesses.

I am always shocked when I see developers are happy that someone thought their software was worth stealing. I mean, didn't you already know that? Why else would you spend time creating it if you didn't think it was worth anything?

I'd wager you would not say, "Wow, I had some great stuff and feel honored someone went to all the trouble of taking it." if someone broke into your house and stole your property. Stealing is stealing no matter if it is a Porsche 911 turbo, music, software or a pack of gum.

There is also another popular myth that pirated versions do not impact sales. I have done a few different experiments myself and also have friends in the industry that have seen significant revenue impacts due to piracy.

In fact, I had one product that I could always tell when it was keygen'd because sales would immediately dive as much as 70%. I was using partial key verification, and when I updated the verification to make the bogus codes stop working sales immediately went back to normal. I assume you would call thousands of dollars a month a significant impact on sales?

In one experiment I used the partial key verification to redirect customers who entered a pirated key to a special web page that explained they were stealing.

Guess what? Over 50% of people who went to that page bought the software. That almost brought sales back to pre-keygen levels.

Those people would have stolen the software if the code would have worked for them. This is a product with a fully functional 30 day trial, so they had already fully tested the software. Also, the product was under $20 USD, so it wasn't an expensive one.

Other people I know have tried the redirect bogus codes to a web page technique with similar (and sometimes significantly better) results.

I do agree that some people will never buy your software, and you have to balance protecting unauthorized use and inconveniencing honest customers.

But don't be fooled into thinking piracy isn't a big problem and not worth investing a reasonable amount of effort to prevent. People aren't as honest as most of us would like to think.


First I want to say, as I stated in my comment below, I am not going to get into an argument or debate about this--especially one based on semantics. I have debated this for years in person, at conferences, and in private forums. I've heard all the arguments before.

Now I will try to answer some of the constructive questions.

I tried my own experiment on two different products.

One was an Outlook add-in to manage various hidden security settings. It was purchased by both individuals and companies. The numbers above are for that product.

I also did another experiment on a business targeted product that translated database schemas to various formats. This product had slightly less (around 10% less, so 40%) conversion from the page I redirected the bogus keys to.

I also am aware of several business owners that did the same experiment and discussed the results with me in private. These were a wide range of products. Some had a vertical market and some were very horizontal. Their conversion rate on the bogus key page was between 20% and 70%. Even at the low end that's a significant amount of extra revenue.


Top 8 CISSP Domains And How To Crack The Exam Like A Boss

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is one of the gold standard and most sought information security certification for proving knowledge in Cybersecurity. This validates the professionals for their information and experience to build and manage security architects for the organization.

Maintained by a non-profit organization, International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 develops & maintains the CISSP Domains and conducts examinations for professionals globally.

CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) is a collection of 8 domains that covers all the comprehensive aspects of information security and CISSP domains explained. An applicant needs to show their expertise in each of the domains to gain the certification.

Here is a list of eight CISSP domains and chapters studied under this certification 

  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Asset Security
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  4. Communications and Network Security
  5. Identity and Access Management
  6. Security Assessment and Testing
  7. Security Operations
  8. Software Development Security

An applicant should have a minimum of five years of work experience in at least two or more of the CISSP Domains to qualify for this certification. These CISSP security domains and CISSP domains give insight into the International standards, followed by cybersecurity professionals globally.

Gain expertise in network security, software development security,and more with the CISSP Certification Training. Enroll now!

Cybersecurity Expert Master's Program

Master the Skills of a Cybersecurity ProfessionalView Course

Cybersecurity Expert Master's Program

CISSP Domains

1. Security and Risk Management

The first domain of CISSP is the largest and has the highest percentage (15%) of marks in the certification. Security and Risk Manageable domain includes several key aspects: 

  • Concepts of integrity, confidentiality, and availability
  • Applying security governance principles
  • Evaluation of compliance requirements
  • Integration of professional ethics
  • Legal and regulatory issues relevant to information security on a global perspective
  • Develop scope, plan, and impact for business continuity requirements
  • Establishing personnel security policies and procedures
  • Understand and applying fundamentals of risk managements
  • Concepts of threat modeling and methodologies
  • Building risk-based management concepts in the supply chain 
  • Conduct security awareness, training, and educational programs 

2. Asset Security 

This domain covers the security information and requirements for assets within an organization. The main topic in Asset Security are:

  • Identification, classification, and ownership of information and assets
  • Protecting privacy
  • Assets retention
  • Establishing data security controls
  • Handling

3. Security Architecture and Engineering 

This domain includes various aspects of design principles, models, and secure capabilities assessment in organizational security architecture. The main topic focussed on this domain are:

  • Engineering implementations using secure design principles
  • Fundamental concepts used in security models
  • Concepts for security capabilities of information systems
  • Cryptography
  • Asset and mitigate vulnerabilities in security architects, designs, mobile systems, web-based systems, and embedded system
  • Applying and implementing security principles and controls to site

4. Communications and Network Security 

This domain learning consists of secure network components, principles, and implementing communications. Main topics covered under this domain are:

  • Implementing and securing design principles in network architecture
  • Establishing secure network components
  • Securing communication channels as per design

5. Identity and Access Management

This domain section covers user accessibility features within an organization. Main topics in this section are:

  • Controlling physical and logical access to the assets
  • Controlling and manage authentication and identification of devices, people, and services
  • Understanding and integrating identity as a third-party service
  • Implementing Authorization mechanism
  • Identity and access lifecycle 

6. Security Assessment and Testing 

This section deals with the design, performance, testing, and Information System auditing. Main topics that come under this domain are:

  • Building internal, external and third-party audit strategies
  • Assessing security control testing
  • Collecting secure data
  • Analyzing test outputs and generating a report
  • Facilitating security audits

7. Security Operations

This domain offers insight into the plan of operations with investigations, monitoring, and protection techniques for security. Main topics that follow in this domain are:

  • Understanding Investigations (Techniques, collection, handling, and digital forensic tools)
  • International requirements for investigation types
  • Establishing logging and monitoring activities
  • Assets inventory, configurations, and management
  • Concepts for foundational security operations
  • Understanding resource protection techniques
  • Incident management
  • Implementing and Testing disaster recovery plans
  • Process and testing for Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Evaluating physical security
  • Business Continuity planning and exercises
  • Managing physical security
  • Managing personnel security and safety

8. Software Development Security

This domain provides concepts, applications, and implementations for software security. Here are the main topics under this section:

  • Understand and implement security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Executing security controls in development environments
  • Effectiveness of software security (Auditing, logging, risk analysis, and mitigation)
  • Evaluation of security impact
  • Setting and applying secure coding standards and guidelines
Note: For CISSP 10 domains vs. 8 domains: Starting from 2015, ISC changed the structure of the ISC2 CISSP domains exam from 10 domains to the present version of the CISSP 8 domains.
Are you prepared enough to clear the CISSP exam? Try answering these CISSP practice exam questions and assess your understanding of the concepts.

CISSP Linear Examination Marking Scheme 

There are a total of 250 questions that professionals need to solve under 6 hours of duration. Questions are in multiple-choice format, and innovative questions are there to check your decision making.

1. Security and Risk Management15%
2. Asset Security 10%
3. Security Architecture and Engineering13%
4. Communication and Network Security14%
5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)13%
6. Security Assessment and Testing12%
7. Security Operations13%
8. Software Development Security10%
Total: 100%

Professionals need to score at least 700 out of a maximum of 1000 points from this CISSP eight domains examination. Exams are available in multiple languages French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean to help professionals gain maximum marks.

Free Course: CISSP

Free Introduction to Information SecurityStart Learning

Free Course: CISSP

How to Crack the CISSP Exam Like a Boss?

These(ISC)2 CISSP domains are now a benchmark for professionals to gain the highest learning curve for handling Cybersecurity. Individuals only with elite security experience will mostly go on to clear this CISSP certification domain in building a long sustainable career in security architecture. 

Here are some more tips to crack this exam systematically. 

  • Explore the secure concepts
  • Build smart strategies to cover each CISSP domain
  • Use time wisely for each section 
  • Study the recommended CISSP material
  • Practice CISSP exams to manage questions and timing along with your temperament
  • Make sure you have a good night's sleep before the exam to be fresh for the exam.

Professionals must take a CISSP training course to guide them with the best industry practices for all 8 domains. The simulation test provides a strong check for your level of expertise and gives additional improvisation techniques to clear this exam. You can choose from different learning options available with self-paced, blended and corporate training to achieve your dreams.

CISSP certification domains are ideally suited for professionals with experience in Networking & security and looking to excel in their career with more opportunities. Topmost positions in the security sectors such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Security, and IT Director more often have CISSP domains experience as one of the main requirements.

To see how strong your information security concepts and knowledge is you could also take up our free CISSP practice exam. With these CISSP exam questions, you can define all aspects of IT security and the sample questions are free and represent the real certification. 

If you wish to build a stronger grasp in information security our CISSP certification training can help. This will develop your expertise in defining the IT architecture and in designing, building, and maintaining a secure business environment using globally approved information security standards. The course covers industry best practices and prepares you for the CISSP certification exam held by (ISC)². So, what are you waiting for? Get the learning going!


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5"Love this tool!"

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If you do any sort of remote work or interact through email, slack or other platforms, then you NEED this. I use this every single day. It’s awesome!

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It is a must-have program for my work. It is so much easier than most native programs designed to do similar things.

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I use Snagit daily to make annotations for my data and take screenshots to take notes. It has been very useful tool to organize my findings.

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5"Can't work without it!"

kristy16 • January 2020

Snagit has been on my computer for years! Great for anytime you need to copy and paste into an email. I use it daily!

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Snagit?

While there is no completely free version of Snagit, there is a fully-functional free trial. That means you can try the paid version, free for 15 days. 

How much does Snagit cost?

Snagit is a one-time fee of $62.99 for a standard single license for both Windows and macOS. This includes a full year of Maintenance. There are additional discounts for volume, education, and government licenses. 

Windows System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2016

    • Windows N requires the Media Foundation Pack
  • .NET 4.7.2 or later
  • 64-bit 2.4 GHz single core processor (dual core i5 required for video capture)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of hard-disk space for program installation


macOS System Requirements


  • macOS Monterey (12) or macOS Big Sur (11)

How many licenses does Snagit come with?

You can install your license on up to two computers for a single user. For example, you can install on a desktop and a laptop or at home and at work.

If your computer crashes or you get a new machine, you can reinstall the version that you purchased, as long as you don’t have the program installed on more than two computers at a time.

Do you offer volume purchase discounts?

Volume discounts are available starting at 5 licenses or more. The more licenses you buy, the lower the price.

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What is a screen capture tool?

A screen capture tool lets you take a picture (or video) of what you see on your screen.

There are a lot of built-in programs and free tools to capture your screen.

But, if you need to take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility and robust tools, Snagit is the best screen capture software.