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Top 5 Best FREE MEDIA PLAYER Software (2021)

Smplayer Free Activate -

AVI PlayerOverview

AVI Player is a unique advanced movie and Media Player, allows you watch 3D and HD Movie on PC. It provides powerful Playback features. Supports lots of video formats.

Some of AVI Player's features are:

* High-definition video and AVI playback: The best video quality today with powerful support for all Blue-ray Disk and HD video formats.
* Perfect sound effects: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) simultaneously transfers 8 channels of audio over a single cable.
* PC friendly: A strong audio-visual computing code offers you playing your HD movies smoothly on high or low spec CPUs.
* Innovative intelligent OPI: Explore your favorite movies with cool and exciting SMART features including two innovations.

The software installation file includes:

* All software files required to activate the software for free.
* Easy uninstall option.
* Easy installation options.
* Shortcut options for desktop and start menu.


Fixed some bugs.


SMPlayer 16.1.0 Free Video Player Adds Better Support for VEVO Videos on YouTube

SMPlayer, a free, open-source and cross-platform multimedia player software piece for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, was updated this weekend to version 16.1.0.

SMPlayer 16.1.0 is here to replace the previous release of the software, version 15.11, at the same time being the first build in 2016. SMPlayer remains one of the top-rated video players on GNU/Linux systems, as most users find it full-featured and comfortable for their video playback needs, even better than VLC Media Player.

As its name suggests, SMPlayer is based on the open-source and acclaimed MPlayer video player, on which another great multimedia playback application is based, MPV. SMPlayer 16.1.0 is a small release that addresses an issue with the playback of VEVO video on the YouTube video hosting website.

Moreover, the new version backports the built-in screenshot utility of the software to older versions of the MPlayer and MPV apps, and introduces the ability to add bookmarks via the Browse menu, thus allowing users to mark their favorite parts of a video, which they can quickly access at a later time.

There's another new functionality implemented in SMPlayer 16.1.0, called "Prevent window to get outside of screen." It can be activated from the Interface section of the Preferences window. Download SMPlayer 16.1.0 for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.



Originally Posted by Prince ImhotepView Post

I hope these logs contain enough information ...

Well, apparently they do. Let's see...

MPlayer is crashing because it can't find an audio filter called "drc":


Couldn't find audio filter 'drc' [libaf] Couldn't create or open audio filter 'drc' Error at audio filter chain pre-init! Exiting... (Fatal error)
This is caused by the parameter -af drc,extrastereo(in the first line of the log). It should be -af extrastereo, without the "drc".

MPV crashes because of another audio filter, "extrastereo":


Option af-add: extrastereo doesn't exist. Error parsing option af-add (option could not be parsed) Setting command line option '--af-add=extrastereo' failed. Exiting... (Fatal error)
The parameter causing this is --af-add=extrastereo, which should be removed.

So, try this first, go to smplayer's menu "Options -> Preferences -> Advanced". There should be a tab "Options for MPlayer" with fields for options, video filters and audio filters. The offending audio filter probably is defined there. For MPV there should be a similar tab.

If you find the audio filters in the Advanced options, remove all references to them, save the changes and test your videos. In theory everything should be fine then.

But if the audio filters field is empty or the audio filters you're looking for are not there, then you need to check the configuration files for each player. In MPlayer's case, the configuration file is located in your home directory: ~/.mplayer/config

Open this file in a editor and remove or comment any line that references the problematic audio filter. As I mentioned before, I don't have MPV, so I can't tell for sure, but it's configuration file should be either in a file in your home directory, inside a hidden directory (~/.mpvmaybe), or under the ~/.configdirectory.

Give that a try and report back if the problem persists. Good luck!

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Daum PotPlayer 1.7.21555 Crack Latest Version 32/64 Bit

Daum PotPlayer 1.7.21555 Crack + Full Version Mac {Latest}

Daum PotPlayer 1.7.21465.0 Crack Latest Version 32/64 Bit

Daum PotPlayer Crack Latest Version Download Free is a free video player software for Windows created by Kakao. Also, it is a great video player with a friendly interface and supports installing all codecs. It’s a powerful, lightweight software and support for a large variety of formats. A large number of formats such as MPG, MPEG, MP4, MKV, Ogg, OGM, VCD, DVD, AVI, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, AAC, WMA, FLV, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime. You can also customize the layout of this media player from the Options menu.

Also, this program competes against other famous media players such as VLC, GOM, KMPlayer, SMPlayer, MPlayer, K-Lite, Media Player Classic, etc. The main window of PotPlayer has got a series of basic playback controls. It will let you play, pause, stop and skip the videos like any other video player application. You can also adjust the volume and can even set volume, bass, treble, etc.

Daum PotPlayer Crack:

Furthermore, Daum PotPlayer Crack should be called free ultimate video player ever created; of all players. This player worked best for my music and videos. The codec options help to boost volume, and playback speed is fully adjustable. Fully Customizable screen puts you in control. You can also adjust the playback speed, the brightness of the video, contrast, subtitle, etc. You can even play your music as background audio while playing games.

Daum PotPlayer is my only go-to player for playback of all my entertainment media formats. It works very well on any Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. All in all, Daum PotPlayer is an impressive and high-performance application for the video player and audio player ever created.

Daum PotPlayer 1.7.21465.0 Crack Latest Version 32/64 Bit

Daum PotPlayer Serial Key:

Additionally, Daum PotPlayer Serial Key several skins are available so that users can match the look of their movie player towards the theme of these OS. The player contains codecs being interior; there’s no need certainly to install codecs manually. PotPlayer full version supports playback that’s seamless to 1000 AVI/ WMV/ MKV/ MPG files at once, mixed containers are allowed, auto-resume on the previous 200 opened files. It has utterly configurable XML skin files because well as a D3D exclusive mode. Other essential features consist of gapless video Playback, and Webcam/ Analogue/ Digital TV devices help, DXVA, live.

Software from the creators. His difference recreation home that’s highest supports all video that’s present audio formats, and likewise the presence of an integrated video codecs DXVA. PotPlayer has the design that’s now comfortable in a setting that can help you set and replace the hot secrets to record the playback sound. You can record playback sound in a file that is separate connect the DSP-ins, display subtitles, include visualization when playing audio tracks. PotPlayer has a vast number, which may significantly improve the property video.


Enhanced H/W-Acceleration:

It gives the maximum performance with the minimum resource using QuickSync, DXVA, CUDA. Get the best.

Immersive Viewing Experience with 3D:

This software supports various types of 3D glasses so you can get the 3D experience anytime you want using your 3DTV or PC. Different output formats (Top and Bottom, Side by Side, Page Flipping) supported.

Supports Various Subtitle Formats:

It supports text subtitles(SMI and SRT), DVD(Vobsub) and Blu-ray subtitles, SSA/ASS animation and SMI Ruby tags, etc.

Variety of Codecs, Easy to Manage:

No need to install various codecs all the time when using the player. It also supports OpenCodec so you can easily add whatever codecs they want.

Main Functions of the PotPlayer:

  • Audio Player
  • Media Playback
  • PlaylistPlay
  • Multimedia Player
  • Record

Other Features of Daum PotPlayer:

  • Smooth, seamless video play
  • Preview the scene with snapshots
  • Supports various devices including DVD, TV, HDTV
  • Play videos from your computer
  • Play videos from external USB storage
  • Instant access to recently video
  • Multi-audio track and multi-subtitles support
  • Supported file formats: MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc
  • Users can bookmark their favorite scene or chapter
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding for most devices and video formats

More Advanced Features:

Smooth, seamless video play. Preview the scene with snapshots. Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode and Overlay. Choose which one when you have two sound cards. Users can bookmark their favorite scenes or chapter. It supports various devices like DVD, TV, HDTV, and many more.

Daum PotPlayer is a complete freeware audio and video player that also supports TV channels, subtitles, and skins. Done by the same Korean author as The KMPlayer. It works w/ EVR/madVR/HR and Reclock, of course, …it’s A much faster/improved version of KMPlayer, including FFDSHOW and other stuff to connect to a Korean-only chat/video network. Plenty of features and rich customization. It gives you great control over its functions, enabling modification of the video speed, adjusting the sound volume, increase or decrease contrast and brightness. Also, various skins are available so that users can match the appearance of their video player to the theme of their OS. The player contains internal codecs as well as there’s no need to install codecs manually. With Daum PotPlayer, users can capture various screenshots from videos. It’s easy to capture screenshots by PotPlayer. Users can watch a video with 3D as well as 360-degree format also. There is an option about Ratio. You can choose the Ratio according to your desktop screen while playing a video.

What’s New?

  • Fixed an issue that integrated D3D11 renderer can’t accept P010 input
  • Also, it Fixed a mistake when purchase that’s selecting languages
  • Fixed an error whenever playing particular MP4/MKV files
  • Fixed an error where talk information communications aren’t displayed

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core Processor 3 GHz
  • RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  • Hard Disk: 512 Mb Hard Disk Space


PotPlayer Free Download With Activation key every obvious thing under consideration, we could say that PotPlayer may be worth at least an effort. Also, the interface is incredibly minimalistic, permitting even the most look after that is inexperienced a jiffy. However, it’s filled with rich features under the hood, to arrive handy even to professional users. Hence, it could convince you to keep it around for a period that is right definitely is long.

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