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The 5+1 behaviors of innovation

which to invest in and which to discard. The selec-

The 10-hour group was led by an extremely

tion process, though, comes with pitfalls. Research

goal-oriented manager. Under his leadership, the

has revealed the cognitive biases that people suf-

group had speed-filtered the list, rapidly discard-

fer from when evaluating new ideas, making them

ing everything but the top 25 ideas. They discussed

prone to bad judgment calls. For this reason, com-

these in depth, and then force-ranked them into a

panies must strive to icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U their filtering pro-

final list of 10 recommendations. The leader of the

cesses, creating strong support systems that can

other group, by contrast, wanted to achieve con-

help the gatekeepers make better calls.

sensus and push video wallpaper 3.41 license key - Free Activators that all ideas merited the same level of attention. He asked his group to analyze

People don’t often get good ideas when they’re isolated in their offices

each idea through a longer process of follow-up interviews, research and meetings. From this experiment, the head of the business icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U realized it was necessary to approach the gatekeeping process more systematically. However, he also felt that using only the most efficient approach would risk missing out on long-term opportunities. Eventually, he created two different gatekeeping processes: a primary one that was fast and aimed at quick wins; and a secondary one that was more meticulous, aimed at exploring less obvious ideas that might have hidden potential. In this way, the business unit dramatically shortened

Choosing who to appoint as your gatekeepers and

the time to turn quick-win ideas into results, while

how they work together will have a crucial bearing

also protecting the more vulnerable long-term

on the success, or otherwise, of your company’s

ideas against overzealous gatekeepers.

ability to filter ideas. The business unit head of a large auto-parts manufacturer learned this when he held a contest to generate ideas internally. As an

5. Stealthstorm

Many innovators don’t like to play office politics,

experiment, the ideas were divided into two batch-

preferring to place their faith in the perceived

es. The job of evaluating them was assigned to not

soundness of their ideas. However, many great

one but two different groups of gatekeepers.

ideas have been killed by organizational forces. It’s key to understand that politics, like power, is

Within 10 man-hours, one group had completed

not just a negative force; when used right, it can

its filtering work and recommended how to im-

move ideas toward fruition. It’s the job of the

plement the top ideas. The second group took

leader to create the political space for innovation,

more than 100 man-hours to evaluate the same

paving the way for people to succeed. We call this

ideas and still hadn’t completed their filtering

process “stealthstorming.”

process. To his surprise, the business unit head icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U that the quality of each group’s recom-

We saw this dynamic at work when Jordan Co-

mendations was largely similar. Why had it taken

hen, an HR manager at Pfizer, launched pfizer-

the two teams such a different amount of time to

Works. Cohen had noticed many gifted workers

filter the ideas? The primary difference was the

were spending too much time on menial tasks

groups’ leadership.

like vetting spreadsheets or creating PowerPoints.

88 Winter 2018

Is AI right for me? Use this example, shown here for a customer service process, to make a similar evaluation for your own business problem.

Are the data structured?


Can the automation be done easily, using predefined rules?





Can we use data structuring techniques?

Are the data digitized?



Is it feasible to digitize the data?

Don’t use AI, opt for simple automation



Can we do a learning algorithm test, using previous results to give an acceptable margin of error?


It’s possible to apply AI


It’s not possible to apply AI


tomorrow. Many models suffer from “overfitting,”

combination: (1) automation, to eliminate Avast Internet Security 21.6.6446 Crack with Serial Code Free Download your model becomes too well-adapted to

al processes; (2) anticipation, to predict events; (3)

the random “noise” of your specific training data,

coordination, to participate in heterogeneous plat-

leading to misleading insights or faulty predic-

forms or ecosystems; and (4) customization, to bet-

tions that fail to take account of the variance in

ter meet customer needs.

new, real-world circumstances.

The importance of ends

Before adopting machine learning in your company, you must determine whether it plays an im-

Merely employing AI technologies, such as machine

portant role in any of these four interactions. This

learning, does not make a company an AI organiza-

analysis should be carried out during an initial

tion, just as having a website does not make you an

learning phase. Next comes the implementation

online business. What matters is not so much the

phase, in which the new value proposition – to re-

technology per se as its impact on the business mod-

place or improve existing processes, reduce costs

el and how it can enable the organization to achieve

or generate new revenue – is put into action. Then

a particular goal. Clearly, machine learning – like the

comes the discovery phase, in which other value

internet of things, big data, mobility and the cloud

propositions are explored through a process of

– should be treated as another manifestation of our

unsupervised learning.

increasingly digitally dense world, one that allows organizations to redefine their value propositions

During the learning phase, you must define the

and, by extension, their business models.

new value proposition and decide icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U processes to make more efficient with the applica-

New value propositions can use technology for four

tion of machine learning. To do this, you must

main types of interactions, which can be used in

answer these questions: (1) what processes can Winter 2018 Winter 2018

pieces are distributed across vast terrains and they get put together in novel ways – what University of California professor Andrew Hargadon calls “recombinant innovation.” To expose people to these building blocks of innovation, leaders must help their people connect to outside input. Your customers are one such source but not the only one. People can also find new ideas by connecting with colleagues from other departments or even with domains indirectly related to their business. A memorable example of this was when a major broadcaster adopted a no-smoking policy. Suddenly, various divisions that normally had little contact with each other were brought together daily as the

Innovators succeed when their leaders give them a clear, limiting focus, directed at something that can create value for the company

smokers gathered outside and exchanged information on their own business areas. The no-smoking policy inadvertently spawned a creative space for exchanging ideas. One random interaction led to the development of a technology that eventually be-

within certain limits and with no need for docu-

came a major new source of revenue.

mentation, created a strong sense of loyalty.

Stories like this abound. Often, it’s merely a ques-

However, icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U free rein was balanced with com-

tion of rearranging office spaces. Innovation ar-

munication. Every three months, regional manag-

chitects must constantly seek similar, structurally

ers would spend three days in an offsite meeting,

supported ways to help their people icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U to

helping each other solve problems and sharing

new worlds.

best practices. This not only fostered cross-fer-

3. Tweak

Ideas icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U born perfect. At their inception, most are flawed and need serious tweaking. Unfortunately, most people feel uncomfortable with the notion of prototyping. As such, it’s up to innovation architects to help people test and challenge their ideas, exposing them to frequent feedback, and promoting a culture of constant learning and experimentation.

tilization but also ensured that managers weren’t wasting their time on risky experiments, effectively balancing their freedom with icecream screen recorder 5.09 crack - Crack Key For U healthy level of sanity-checking. And it worked. Toledo delivered consistent annual growth rates of 15 to 20 percent. His region went from representing 10 percent to representing 22.7 percent of global sales in just two years. By promoting a mix of responsible experimenta-

We saw this in action when we shadowed Heinrich Toledo (not his real name), the regional manager of a European conglomerate. Because he worked with many different country managers, he enforced a policy of rapid, constant experimentation. His willingness to let his country managers experiment with pretty much any idea,

tion and frequent feedback sessions, innovation architects must help people tweak their ideas and work on bringing them to life rapidly.

4. Select

Given that most ideas start out bad, companies must master the discipline of filtering them, selecting Winter 2018 IESE Business School Insight IESE Business School Insight

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